Friday, September 5, 2008

Best Kevin Costner Films

1. JFK(1991)

2. Dances With Wolves(1990)

3. Tin Cup(1996)

4. Bull Durham(1988)

5. The Untouchables(1987)

6. For Love Of The Game(1999)

7. No Way Out(1987)

8. A Perfect World(1993)


Travis said...

What no Waterworld?

Arvind Siva said...

ahhahahha mite have to skip that one on account of dennis hopper's performance

dj_r said...

you will menjoy mr brooks. please check it out...
also feel like dances with wolves ages poorly...seems too long...personal opinion obviously.
for some strange reason feel that upside of anger should be on that list. dunno why. also some parts of message in a bottle are brilliant. but it doesn't stand up i guess.
jfk is his best movie...i sometimes feel tin cup is a close second...just reflective of what he turned out to be.